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Portál příležitostí
Success is a well used opportunity and you can meet it right here.
You have visited an advertising portal for business and private purposes.

Everything is related to everything and what is not used for housing, is used for business or extra income, whether by valuing real estate, changing the use of land or space, expanding spaces and areas or renting them, cooperation, etc. There are many possibilities.

In a simple way, you can place a free advertisement with your contact in the appropriate category and let it work.

The goal of your efforts is to attract interest in your request or offer and change the current situation.


Expanding companies are looking for a suitable real estate - land, production, warehouses, premises, etc. for their business or they own their own unused real estate, which they would like to appreciate, either by sale or lease. Make an offer and evaluate!


Business owners want, for a variety of reasons, to offer their business to the right follower or company, to connect with another, to expand or change to expand. Make a request and find a partner or successor!

Connections, mergers, acquisitions:

It is similar in the area of ​​investments, financial products, subsidies, sale of companies or shares = M&A area - mergers and acquisitions, capital connections or the mentioned search for suitable followers, as well as in the area of ​​economic and financial advice, audits, legal services, etc.

Machines, tools, equipment and devices:

What doesn't serve you another may need! And vice versa - enter a request to buy or rent, activity or service. Whoever does not ask will know nothing!

We provide useful information on the Opportunity Portal. It is possible that when you read them, you will get an idea or they will serve as a guide on what to do with your unused property to bring you a profit. One sees an old barn, others see a beautiful workshop.

Life is change and the goal of everything is to get more!

Don't let money lie idle, whether in real estate or on occasions. What no longer serves you will benefit others.

Private offers and demands:

They can be entered under private e-mails or requests sent as non-public and will be passed on to investors and companies without publication.
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